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Eating at Sushi Gen LA
04/15/2012 (rev. 08/11/2012) by
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I’m a huge fan of sushi, let alone uni, so I was highly recommended to go to this place near Little Tokyo for lunch a few months ago.  Sushi Gen, from what I was told, is the central supplier for sushi restaurants across Los Angeles.  How much truth there is to this, I don’t really care.  I was told that the lunch specials and fish quality here were great for the price.  I ordered the uni combo which literally consisted of a box of uni (2 layers deep), some miscellaneous prepared sides, a small sashimi platter, and a bowl of rice.

The uni tasted what you would expect of fresh uni.  It was sweet to the taste and maintained its texture and consistency as you would expect when served individually at a restaurant.  The sides served (as you can see from the picture) were not very memorable.  There was some chopped octopus, shredded crab, marinated fish, mashed tuna, a tofu block, and 2 packets of seaweed.  The quality of the sashimi meat was pretty good.  It certainly was not the best I’ve had, but it definitely deserves recognition.  This uni combo cost (if I remember) around $30.

Would this be considered a bang for the buck? Based on the menu, I think prices are a little steep for what you get.  The fish itself is good, but I was definitely not wowed.  Price aside, I still think Sushi Ko’s fish quality was the best I have had so far.  Nonetheless, the portions, fish, and price delivered a nice package.  If I craved for sushi and I was near downtown LA, this would be one of my places to go to.

Visit: http://www.sushigenla.com/