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Eating at Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse LA
09/14/2013 by
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I haven’t had steak in a while.  I heard of this place from my buddy as a place he always wanted to try since he’s a steak guy.  They do their own aging process here.  When you walk into the restaurant, you can see through a window slabs of meat going through the aging process.


With each guest, they serve something that looks like the Lawry’s Yorkshire pudding.  It was pretty good although I wish they gave you more.


For steak, I got the New York strip aged.  This definitely had a nice char to it.  With all Nick and Stef steaks, they give you a complimentary sauce.  From what I recall, I believe I got the one with red wine it.  It was pretty good with this steak.  My buddy got the garlic oil, but it definitely did not enhance it.  I asked for medium rare, and the steak came out closer to medium.

I heard that once in a while they host a steak tasting event, so perhaps that’s something I should keep an eye out for.

Visit: Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse

Eating at Wolfgang Steakhouse LA
06/21/2013 by
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Please note: This is not a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  Wolfgang Zwiener was previously the head waiter for Peter Lugers in New York, so naturally the restaurant style is very similar.  You order a cut that’s shared with your entire party.

So how does it compare?

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Eating at Peter Luger NYC
12/16/2012 (rev. 12/18/2012) by
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For all of you that don’t know already, Peter Luger’s steak house has been around for a very long time.  Many tourists always recommend eating here and rave about it.  The locals though on the other hand are rather impartial.  People have told me that their steaks suck and that their best dishes are their appetizers.  Others have told me it’s the best steak they ever had.  Time to find out.

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