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Never Summer For Mammoth
01/06/2013 (rev. 01/27/2013) by
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Never Summer snowboards is a Colorado company that hand builds their boards out in Denver, CO.  They’ve been getting great reviews by local riders around the domestic states and are heavily endorsed by my favorite Mammoth shop, P3.  I demo’d Never Summer last year and due to certain circumstances, I had to buy a new board this year.  So after cross shopping the various Never Summer boards, I can easily help you decide which one to get based on what you do on the mountain.

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Yellowcard’s Southern Air Album
08/11/2012 (rev. 08/26/2012) by
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My favorite rock band of all time Yellowcard released a summer album hit.

It’s freaking good.

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Thule Aeroblade Review
07/22/2012 (rev. 07/24/2012) by
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I’ve been wanting a roof rack for a long time for my car.  I drive an Audi A3, and I have factory roof rails.  The people on the A3 forums rave about Thule products, so I went to their website to see what’s new.  Thule recently released this past year the new Aeroblade bars that are suppose to be replacing their older Aerobars and their square bars.  Its direct competition is the Yakima Whisper bar.  These are suppose to reduce the amount of wind noise when properly installed.

Do they work?

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