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Eating at Momofuku Noodle Bar NYC
12/16/2012 by
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David Chang

Like Ippudo, this was supposedly another must-try ramen place.  I got to this spot right when they opened, and there was a small line.  When you go in, they have counter top seating for 1-2 people as well as a some picnic table setups for larger parties.


Momofuku ramen (pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg).  The noodles surprisingly were just how I like them.  They are similar to top ramen thickness if not slightly thicker and cooked al dente.  The broth was actually pretty salty.  I almost feel as if the broth was drenched in soy sauce, and that they didn’t infuse it with the pork.  Don’t get me wrong, the broth did have tons of pork meat in there, but it wasn’t as oily or tasty with pork flavors as Ippudo.  All I could taste was salt.  So that made eating the soy sauce egg even more difficult.


Soy sauce egg (crispy shallot, chive, maldon).  I ordered this to eat along with my ramen.  I was expecting this to be a decent complement to my ramen, but I was terribly disappointed.  Because the ramen was very salty, this was also salty too.  They infused the yolk with too much soy sauce, so it ended up tasting like a salty boiled (creamy centered) egg.  It was painful to eat and was not enjoyable at all.

The ramen so far that I’ve experienced in New York has fallen below my expectations.  Los Angeles has far better ramen establishments unfortunately, so I’m a pretty disappointed.  If I had to choose between Momofuku Noodle Bar and Ippudo, I would easily choose Ippudo.  Momofuku Noodle Bar lacked flavor in their broth, was too salty, and was also expensive for what you get ($15+ for the ramen, and $3+ for the egg).

Visit: http://momofuku.com/new-york/noodle-bar/

Eating at Momofuku SSAM NYC
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One of my goals was to knock out some popular Momofuku establishments, SSAM being one of them.  The SSAM bar is on the San Pellegrino world’s 50 best restaurants list.  The style is basically family style.  Portions are small for large groups probably, but decent sized for small groups 2-4.  The decor has a very modern feel to it.

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Eating at Momofuku Milk Bar NYC
12/10/2012 by
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In the Momofuku line of restaurants, they also have a dessert bar that they call “Milk Bar”.  It’s basically a mixture of cookies, pies, coffee, and various pastry sweets.  I believe on the menu there were some savory stuff on there too.

From the picture above, I got the following: blueberry & cream cookie (far left), crack pie (mid), cornflake marshmallow cookie (bottom), and compost cookie (far top-right).  The crack pie was insanely sweet for me, but I don’t know what is in it.  The compost cookie for me was nothing special.  It was also very sweet, and I don’t remember what was in it.  The cornflake marshmallow cookie was surprisingly good.  It was no where as sweet as the aforementioned 2 cookies, and it wasn’t a sugar overload.  The best of this bunch was the blueberry & cream cookie.  Not only was it not overly sweet, but the cream with the blueberry made a killer combination.

Many say to get the crack pie or compost cookie.  I say get the blueberry & cream cookie if you have the chance.  I also got a cappucino while I was there, and it was also pretty good.  They use Stumptown beans, which is supposedly high quality.

In the end, I really liked the blueberry & cream cookie.  The other desserts I got were simply too sweet for my tastebuds.  For what it’s worth, I’m not really a big sweets person.

Visit: http://milkbarstore.com/