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Eating at Yamakase #2 LA
08/10/2014 by
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I wasn’t planning to go to this.  I really wasn’t.  However due to some retarded circumstances, I was asked to go, and I had to go.  It’s been barely 2 months, and I went back to my favorite LA restaurant.  One would expect and hope for the same experience considering how recent their first trip here was.  So really, how was it?

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2014 Half Year Food Recap
07/27/2014 by
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It’s been a crazy year for me so far.  Not only was I working a lot, but I also was making the attempt of going to a new restaurant I haven’t been to for 52 straight weeks! (That’s a full year folks).  I made it to the 26th week, the half way point, and I just can’t go on any further.  It’s not the money, but it’s everything else: lack of company, having to curate food lists, the lack of solo dining places, LA parking hell, tapas hell, and getting fat.  It sure was a lot of work, so I’ll recap some of my experiences in Los Angeles’ food scenes.

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Eating at Yamakase LA
06/18/2014 by
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This is a hole-in-the-wall place that is a real hidden gem in the Palms neighborhood of LA.  It’s Japanese cuisine served omakase style.  There are only 10 seats per night as the meal lasts just about 5 hours.  There is no sign on the front.  There is simply the address.  We got there at 6:50 PM, but the door was locked.  It actually does not open till 7 PM on the dot.

This is #24 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Tsujita LA
05/23/2014 by
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Tsujita is known for their ramen, particularly at the location where the dinner menu is different than their lunch menu.  I was curious to try it for dinner to see how it compares to other Japanese restaurants.  Note that this is not the Annex location.  The Annex location at the time of this writing is the only Tsujita location that serves ramen for dinner.

This is #20 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at N/Naka LA
02/28/2014 (rev. 03/18/2014) by
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As a borderline 2 month anniversary of my abysmal attempts at eating a LA restaurant every week, I decided to try out this place called N/Naka in Palms.  The owner of this kaisaki-restaurant, Chef Niki Nakayama, is very meticulous with the menu and presentation in her dishes.   Reviewers like to compare this place to Urusawa (a very high end Japanese restaurant which is on my list before the end of the year), and they also often say the food is by far the BEST Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles.  Like some of my past experiences, Fox W, a well known Foodspotter, provided pictures.

This is restaurant #7 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Roka Akor CHI
04/14/2013 by
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roka dining

I’m out in Chicago over the weekend for a special occasion.  The decision was made to go to Roka Akor for dinner because it received great reviews and would be an excellent place to celebrate this occasion.  So how did it fare?

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Eating at Sushi Gen LA
04/15/2012 (rev. 08/11/2012) by
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I’m a huge fan of sushi, let alone uni, so I was highly recommended to go to this place near Little Tokyo for lunch a few months ago.  Sushi Gen, from what I was told, is the central supplier for sushi restaurants across Los Angeles.  How much truth there is to this, I don’t really care.  I was told that the lunch specials and fish quality here were great for the price.  I ordered the uni combo which literally consisted of a box of uni (2 layers deep), some miscellaneous prepared sides, a small sashimi platter, and a bowl of rice.

The uni tasted what you would expect of fresh uni.  It was sweet to the taste and maintained its texture and consistency as you would expect when served individually at a restaurant.  The sides served (as you can see from the picture) were not very memorable.  There was some chopped octopus, shredded crab, marinated fish, mashed tuna, a tofu block, and 2 packets of seaweed.  The quality of the sashimi meat was pretty good.  It certainly was not the best I’ve had, but it definitely deserves recognition.  This uni combo cost (if I remember) around $30.

Would this be considered a bang for the buck? Based on the menu, I think prices are a little steep for what you get.  The fish itself is good, but I was definitely not wowed.  Price aside, I still think Sushi Ko’s fish quality was the best I have had so far.  Nonetheless, the portions, fish, and price delivered a nice package.  If I craved for sushi and I was near downtown LA, this would be one of my places to go to.

Visit: http://www.sushigenla.com/