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League of Legends Intro
10/19/2012 by
Junk, , , ,

I started playing this around end of August this year for one reason only.

It was free.

My expectations were that this game would suck like all of Zynga games and most other “free” games out there.  I was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually quite fun for a casual gamer such as myself.  It also is the #1 e-sports game out right now.  You know how there’s the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc? Well, there’s also League of Legends.  Recently there was an official tournament that literally ate 5% of the US bandwidth because of all the people streaming coverage of it.  With 2 million dollars in prize money, it was a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere to just watch how these gaming nerds practice day and night to compete professionally.

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E3 2012 Quick Recap
06/06/2012 by
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It’s that time of year again.  I had the privilege of visiting E3 again for the 5th straight year in a row.  E3 the past few years has been targeting primarily the console gamers.  As I walk  around, all I notice are console games.  I’m a PC gamer, so my attention span for E3 has been fading.  I was casually strolling through and was able to cover both halls.  So here’s a quick recap of what I thought was of interest to myself and hopefully to you.

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Bioware Targets Different Audience For Swtor
06/05/2012 by
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I started playing Star Wars The Old Republic MMO since December 2011.  My background for MMO consists of Everquest in 1998, Asheron’s Call, Ultima Online, some Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, and now this.  In most of the MMOs I’ve played, I truly enjoyed the lively world that I was virtually breathing in.  Every zone you were in had people in it.  It always felt like someone was always doing something.

Recently in Bioware’s Star Wars The Old Republic, they announced they had a drop of population from 1.7M to 1.3M subscribers as of end of April.  Who knows how they articulated the numbers, but I do know for damn sure those are definitely inflated.  I played on a server Krayt Dragon, and it was noticeable that the population during prime time started dwindling on the Imperial Fleet.  When Swtor first launched, prime time was about 120 people.  Now it’s about 30 people.  To me that’s about a 75% drop in activity.  I don’t know how it reflects the subscription base in the future, but it’s well known that most people are most likely on the Bioware provided free month at the time I’m writing this.

EA/Bioware at this year’s E3 released their announcement for Swtor’s direction, and it’s a clear indication of where they are going with the game.

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