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Eating at Waterloo & City LA
03/09/2014 by
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waterloo and city

Culver City is suppose to be an up and coming place food, but this particular Culver City gastropub has been around for around 4+ years.  From the reviews and my initial impression of the menu, I thought Waterloo & City would be a good place to try.  I’ve always drove past here on my way to the marina, and I’ve always noticed a full parking lot.

This is restaurant #9 on my LA food expedition.

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Eating at Grimaldi’s LA
03/03/2014 by
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Lombardi’s or Grimaldi’s? That’s the age old question when it comes to pizza in New York City.  Grimaldi’s is the other gourmet pizza place that often rivals Lombardi’s (see my post of it here).  Grimaldi’s opened up another new location in Los Angeles (El Segundo), and I went to try it out.

This is restaurant #8 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

We ordered half and half.  The first half was your typical margherita style pizza, and the second half was pepperoni and sun dried tomatoes.  The crust came out kind of thin than what I was thinking for a “gourmet” pizza.  In fact, the crust was rather too crispy in such a way that it tormented parts of my mouth like when you eat overly toasted bread.  The margherita half was quite good sans the crust.  The cheese was very good.  It could’ve been great had it not been too hard.  On the other half, the pepperoni was disappointing.  I was hoping for larger pieces, but they came out with little mini pepperonis.  Between the two halves, I prefer the margherita.

Now let’s talk about that crust.  We have a chain here called Blaze Pizza, where they throw your pizza into an oven and bake it in less than 5 minutes.  Blaze’s crust is very similar to this in that it’s between thin and regular.  The only exception is that Blaze Pizza is significantly cheaper, and their crust doesn’t tear up your mouth.

Because of the crust, I personally prefer Lombardi’s over Grimaldi’s.  As for how it compares to other pizza pies in LA, I don’t think it really stands out, and there are quite a few other pizza joints I would take over Grimaldi’s.

Visit: Grimaldi’s Pizza, El Segundo, Los Angeles
#8 of 52 2014 LA food expedition


Eating at N/Naka LA
02/28/2014 (rev. 03/18/2014) by
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As a borderline 2 month anniversary of my abysmal attempts at eating a LA restaurant every week, I decided to try out this place called N/Naka in Palms.  The owner of this kaisaki-restaurant, Chef Niki Nakayama, is very meticulous with the menu and presentation in her dishes.   Reviewers like to compare this place to Urusawa (a very high end Japanese restaurant which is on my list before the end of the year), and they also often say the food is by far the BEST Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles.  Like some of my past experiences, Fox W, a well known Foodspotter, provided pictures.

This is restaurant #7 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Elite Restaurant Dim Sum LA
02/16/2014 (rev. 02/21/2014) by
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Dim sum is the Cantonese Chinese breakfast staple on weekends in LA.  Lots of people flock here to wait in long lines for delicious goodness.  I’ve had many dim sum places throughout my life, so the question is this one any better than the other ones I’ve been to.  Let’s find out.

This is restaurant #6 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Myung Dong Kyoja LA
02/08/2014 by
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myung dong kyoja-4

In Koreatown, there is this home style sober-up joint called Myung Dong Kyoja.  It features dumplings and noodles and is ideal for those late evenings after you’re completely plastered out of your mind and need to recover.  Unfortunately I wasn’t intoxicated at all, but it was cold and was in need of something soupy.

This is restaurant #5 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Red Medicine LA
02/01/2014 by
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I remember Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods visiting this restaurant.  And since I’m a huge fan of him and his experiences, I wanted to give this a try as well.  Red Medicine from my understanding is Vietnamese-cuisine-inspired but not necessarily Vietnamese by any means.  Don’t go there expecting traditional Vietnamese dishes fused with new American elements.  DO go here expecting to get interesting concoctions where everything is not only pretty looking but also very edible.

This is restaurant #4 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Sonoma Wine Garden LA
01/25/2014 (rev. 01/26/2014) by
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sonoma-wine-gardenA colleague of mine, who is an avid wine drinker, mentioned this place in the Santa Monica mall as a place with good drinks and good eats.  I’m not a wine purist since I usually drink wine like beer.  But he’s on a quest to educate me.

This is restaurant #3 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at Beverly Soon Tofu LA
01/18/2014 by
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bourdain_beverly Per word of mouth, there’s supposedly 1 uncontested BEST Korean tofu place in Los Angeles … Beverly Soon Tofu. Anthony Bourdain, from the CNN show Parts Unknown, also visited this place with Chef Roy Choy and described this place as “tongue-searing, ass-burning tofu soup that will make you forget every bad thing you ever thought about tofu.”

My personal favorite is Lee’s Tofu down in Gardena, so I thought I’d check this place out and compare.

This is restaurant #2 for my 2014 LA food expedition.

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Eating at L&E Oyster Bar LA
01/11/2014 by
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le_logoI’ve been craving for seafood the last few weeks or months, and I didn’t feel like driving to Whittier to go to Portsmouth.  I looked up Eater LA, and I found L&E Oyster Bar on their list of 2014 essential LA restaurants at #26.

This is restaurant #1 for my 2014 LA food expedition.

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A Real New Year 2014
01/08/2014 by
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newyear2014This post is quite late.  Work has tied me up like crazy the last few months, and I have no responsibilities at all other than taking care of myself (which I already do abysmally).  So what better way than to go balls out this year trying a lot of LA restaurants?

My goal is to do 52 different LA restaurants to reflect the 52 weeks of 2014.  OBVIOUSLY, this is darn near impossible as I plan to take trips outside of LA to various parts of the country throughout the year, but it would make my 2014 year slightly more interesting.

I will be using lists posted on Eater LA as well as other people’s suggestions.

The lists include the following:
38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants
Best LA Korean Spots
Best Sushi Spots

For this coming week, I will be visiting the Silverlake hipster neighborhood to try some nice oysters and seafood @ L&E Oyster Bar.  Stay tune for a recap soon.