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Eating at Weiner Circle CHI
04/27/2013 by
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As a followup to my last Chicago post, we also went to this place.  Not only do they have Chicago style dogs, but they also have a lady at the front counter talk in a rather abrasive manner.  The first thing she said when my group walked in was “Hey, it’s the Jabbawockeez!” I, hadn’t known about this place before, so I was a bit surprised.  But someone informed me that her remarks were perfectly normal as she was making remarks to other patrons.


I ended up ordering a polish Chicago style dog.  Toppings include slices of tomato, pickle dills, mustard, celery salt, and little peppers.  The dog itself was rather small I thought, and it was pretty salty.  In the end, this was probably more about the experience than the dogs.  I do like this hot dog style though with the pickles and tomatoes.

Visit: http://www.wienercircle.net

Eating at Roka Akor CHI
04/14/2013 by
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roka dining

I’m out in Chicago over the weekend for a special occasion.  The decision was made to go to Roka Akor for dinner because it received great reviews and would be an excellent place to celebrate this occasion.  So how did it fare?

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