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Eating at Doughnut Plant NYC
03/10/2012 (rev. 08/11/2012) by
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Yum! I’m not generally a fan of doughnuts, but this was delicious.  The left is passion fruit flavored, and the right is rose flavored.  Here in Los Angeles, we don’t typically don’t have these kinds of doughnuts as most doughnut makers opt for the standard glazed with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, or cream / fruit filled.

The passion fruit doughnut by far is my most favorite doughnut of all time.  Imagine a Krispy Kreme out of the oven but with passion fruit flavors on it.  The flavor wasn’t that sweet (I’m not a sweets person), and the dough they use is pretty damn good.  The rose petal I didn’t care.  It tasted exactly how I thought it would taste like: a flower doughnut.

Price wise it’s a tad expensive.  For those 2 doughnuts and a small bottle of whole milk, the total was around $8.50.  But hey, I was still happy.

Visit: http://www.doughnutplant.com