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2014 Half Year Food Recap
07/27/2014 by
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It’s been a crazy year for me so far.  Not only was I working a lot, but I also was making the attempt of going to a new restaurant I haven’t been to for 52 straight weeks! (That’s a full year folks).  I made it to the 26th week, the half way point, and I just can’t go on any further.  It’s not the money, but it’s everything else: lack of company, having to curate food lists, the lack of solo dining places, LA parking hell, tapas hell, and getting fat.  It sure was a lot of work, so I’ll recap some of my experiences in Los Angeles’ food scenes.

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Eating at Elite Restaurant Dim Sum LA
02/16/2014 (rev. 02/21/2014) by
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Dim sum is the Cantonese Chinese breakfast staple on weekends in LA.  Lots of people flock here to wait in long lines for delicious goodness.  I’ve had many dim sum places throughout my life, so the question is this one any better than the other ones I’ve been to.  Let’s find out.

This is restaurant #6 on my 2014 LA food expedition.

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