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Adding Bluetooth to Audi Music Interface
02/15/2013 (rev. 09/29/2013) by
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One of the mediocre inventions made by Audi was in the fact the Audi Music Interface.  I personally own the 2012 Audi A3, and this system sits in my glove box with an iPod/iPhone attachment.  If I plug in my i-gadget into this, I have to use Audi’s clumsy dash interface to control songs.  If I were to ever want to stream any content such as Pandora, it’d be impossible because I would have to reach into my glove box to control while I’m driving.

At first there was a somewhat complicated solution to this.  It involves modifying the 3.5mm AMI cable to also have a micro/mini USB cable come out of it as well in order to power a 3rd party bluetooth adapter such as the BlackBerry Music Gateway.  The problem with this was that not many were technically inclined, and it just seemed troublesome to find someone who was to get them to make you a cable.   This thread is found on the A5OC forums.

Based on early reports, the ViseeO Tune2Air WMA1000 allows you to accomplish the above without the modified cable and without the bluetooth adapter.  I haven’t yet tried this, but it is on my wish list at a hefty $99 + S&H/tax from Amazon.  It can probably work for other devices such as i-connectable dockable speakers.

So I guess if you have an iPod connector and no aux in your car and want bluetooth streaming, this could be a nice solution.

I’ll report back with my findings if I end up purchasing this.

Edit: I actually purchased the Tune2Air.  It works flawlessly in my Audi A3 with nav.  After connecting to the device via Bluetooth, my nav screen saw that an iPod was connected.  I was able to browse my music collection via my iPhone directly without using the nav controls.  I’m a very happy camper now.

It’s LIVE!
12/16/2011 by
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This is the debut of my blog site.  What is Awdmatic? Pronounce it as “au-dee-mad-dic.”

AWD stands for all wheel drive.  But if you enunciate it, it kind of sounds like “Audi” which creates some of my favorite cars in the car scene (Sorry BMW – I’m a rebel!).  And what about “Audio”? Yep it’s another spin on that.

The goal of this site is to blog about my experiences with tech, food, entertainment, and any sort of junk I encounter.

Everything shall be intently written.


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