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Never Summer For Mammoth
01/06/2013 (rev. 01/27/2013) by
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Never Summer snowboards is a Colorado company that hand builds their boards out in Denver, CO.  They’ve been getting great reviews by local riders around the domestic states and are heavily endorsed by my favorite Mammoth shop, P3.  I demo’d Never Summer last year and due to certain circumstances, I had to buy a new board this year.  So after cross shopping the various Never Summer boards, I can easily help you decide which one to get based on what you do on the mountain.

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League of Legends Intro
10/19/2012 by
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I started playing this around end of August this year for one reason only.

It was free.

My expectations were that this game would suck like all of Zynga games and most other “free” games out there.  I was pleasantly surprised that it’s actually quite fun for a casual gamer such as myself.  It also is the #1 e-sports game out right now.  You know how there’s the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc? Well, there’s also League of Legends.  Recently there was an official tournament that literally ate 5% of the US bandwidth because of all the people streaming coverage of it.  With 2 million dollars in prize money, it was a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere to just watch how these gaming nerds practice day and night to compete professionally.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
08/29/2012 by
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I’ve been reading about time pieces for over 2 years now and have always been meaning to purchase one.  Upon hearing Omega was raising prices again, I decided I need to make the jump now.  I was on the fence between the Omega Speedmaster Professional (sapphire sandwich and moonwatch), the Omega Planet Ocean (what Daniel Craig in one of the recent James Bond movies), Bell & Ross BR126 Vintage Sport, and the Tag Heuer Carrera.  All are priced around the same price point.

The Bell & Ross BR126 Vintage Sport is simply stunning to look at.  However, the fact it has stock ETA movements, immovable bezel, and was priced the same (if not more) as both Omega watches was discouraging.

The Tag Heuer Carrera was always something on my eye except I’m a bit disappointed with the fact they chose a stock ETA Valjoux 7750 movement and priced it close to the Omega.  Also there was some drama they had where they claimed they made their own movements when instead they just modified Seiko automatic movements.

So it came down to the Speedmaster Professional and the Planet Ocean.  The Speedmaster Professional is simply timeless, but it looks a tad more dressy compared to the Planet Ocean i.e. not able to wear it for as many occasions.

I decided to go with the Planet Ocean.

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Thule Aeroblade Review
07/22/2012 (rev. 07/24/2012) by
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I’ve been wanting a roof rack for a long time for my car.  I drive an Audi A3, and I have factory roof rails.  The people on the A3 forums rave about Thule products, so I went to their website to see what’s new.  Thule recently released this past year the new Aeroblade bars that are suppose to be replacing their older Aerobars and their square bars.  Its direct competition is the Yakima Whisper bar.  These are suppose to reduce the amount of wind noise when properly installed.

Do they work?

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Unsurprised Thunder Lose to the Heat
06/22/2012 by
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Unlike most people, I was in the camp that was actually worried when I heard that the Miami Heat were taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 2012 NBA Finals.  Most felt that the Thunder were going to tear the Heat a new one.  However, I felt the exact opposite.  I knew at the beginning there was going to be matchup problems off the bat.  Who is going to guard Wade? Who is going to guard Lebron? Double teaming leaves a man open.  Then what do you do? I think after watching the finals, we can clearly point out the flaws with the Thunder.

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WTB: Nike Lunar TR1+
06/17/2012 (rev. 06/18/2012) by
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Lately, I’ve been trying to cycle on weekends to start burning those winter calories I built up from hibernating.  And now I notice this layer of fat is not going away.  Being how I don’t own a pair of running shoes because they were stolen with my car a few months ago, I’ve been shopping around for some new training shoes.  I came across Nike’s Lunar TR1+ which seems pretty interesting to me.

It utilizes the Nike+ technology where it tracks your movements, so hypothetically it should be able to figure out how hard you are working out and where your feet are applying pressure to each shoe.  In addition, they are releasing an iPhone app that syncs up to your shoe and creates a training regiment for you similar to the current Nike iPhone app.  Every time you work out to their training app, it analyzes your performance.  You can choose to post your stats online and compare with your friends.

It retails a hefty $250 and is expecting to be released June 29th.  It might entice me enough to actually go outside and run after work.

Visit: http://www.nike.com/plus/products/training

It’s LIVE!
12/16/2011 by
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This is the debut of my blog site.  What is Awdmatic? Pronounce it as “au-dee-mad-dic.”

AWD stands for all wheel drive.  But if you enunciate it, it kind of sounds like “Audi” which creates some of my favorite cars in the car scene (Sorry BMW – I’m a rebel!).  And what about “Audio”? Yep it’s another spin on that.

The goal of this site is to blog about my experiences with tech, food, entertainment, and any sort of junk I encounter.

Everything shall be intently written.


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