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Eating at Maude #3 LA
08/24/2014 by
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The feature for Maude this month is corn, and it was way more awesome compared to last month.  I like corn a lot, so I went in with some expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It really sucks to get reservations here.  To get this particular reservation I called about 100 times in a given hour.  If you look on my cell phone bill, you will see at least 60 5-second calls to them coupled with 40 some calls from a desk phone.  But I did it, woot! Corn is in season, so you can expect bold sweet flavors.


1.  Corn Ice Cream with soy, shiso, and macadamia nut.  This was really good and is what you would expect.  It was interesting to start off with this.  I thought they mistakenly gave us another table’s dessert.


2.  Mexican Street Food.  Spot prawn, albacore, frog’s leg.  Next is a trio of mexican street food finger food.  After eating at Yamakase, I am sold on shiso leaves, especially when wrapped around raw seafood.  I don’t remember which one this is, but it was good.


This was definitely the frog legs.  The little sandwich buns are actually fried corn tortillas.  The center filling is basically a crab cake.


Lastly, this was just a mini seafood taco.  The tortillas were also made of corn and were thick, but tasted very corny.  Get it?


3.  Elotes with BBQ corn, brown butter, and jalapeno.  This was a medley of corn stuff.  There is some butter on the plate that has some corn taste to it.  It almost tasted like popcorn from the theaters.  The whole plate basically had corn accents all over the place.  It was very sweet.


4.  Cuttlefish with crab, potato, and broccoli.  This was similar to a corn chowder.  In the middle is the cuttlefish.  The broth was finely blended but was also thick.  With the cuttlefish, it was a combination of a perfect harmony of sweetness.


5.  Cured Wagyu with burnt corn salsa, sorrel, and tarragon.  This is basically sliced wagyu deli meat layed on top of corn salsa.  The corn salsa also has little small cubed bits of wagyu as well.


6.  Agnolotti with black truffle, romesco, buttered popcorn.  I loved this one.  It’s little pasta with pockets of a cheesy corn sauce in the middle that pop out when you bite into it.  Shaved over it are little pieces of mild Australian black truffle.


7.  Snakeriver Farms Pork with corn pudding, green figs, apple.  For the final meat portion is this nice decadent slice of fatty pork.  It’s layered with all types of garnish that add some interesting flavors to it.  I like the corn puree along with this pork.  The pork had a nice crisp to it, and it was extremely juicy.


8.  Occeli Castagno.  They served us some bread with cheese.  The cheese was really good.  The waitress said they purchased that from the Beverly Hills cheese shop close by.


9.  Dessert.  I think this was corn ice cream with fried prosciutto.


10.  Purple corn crepe with plantain, creme carmel, and dark chocolate.  This was really good too.  The crepe had banana creme that bursts out.  The dark chocolate had some bourbon in it to give it a kick.


Chocolate with caramel, corn cream puff, and corn gummy snack.  The corn cream puff was delicious.


Almond milk with homemade corn flakes.  Lastly, Maude has always given something to take home with you.  The homemade corn flakes were crispy and delicious.  The almond milk was thick but gave it that nice nutty flavor.  The corn flakes themselves had some subtle sweetness to it.

All in all, I very much liked this month compared to the berries month.  I’ve already made a reservation for the tomato month, so we’ll see how that goes.

Visit: Maude Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA
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