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Eating at Tsujita LA
05/23/2014 by
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Tsujita is known for their ramen, particularly at the location where the dinner menu is different than their lunch menu.  I was curious to try it for dinner to see how it compares to other Japanese restaurants.  Note that this is not the Annex location.  The Annex location at the time of this writing is the only Tsujita location that serves ramen for dinner.

This is #20 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition.


Chicken Wings.  The sauce on the wings was decent.  It reminded me of Furaibo’s wings.  The other difference was that the wings themselves were pretty plump but were not really pre-marinated.  It seemed like it was covered in a glaze and broiled in an oven.  The glaze itself was decent, but it wasn’t anything great in my mind.


Broiled Salmon Belly.   This was decent.  It was served with some cream cheese on the side.  I didn’t know how to pair it together.  The salmon itself was really fatty as the oil was dripping down once I lifted it up.  The skin was fried to a crisp, but not to the point where I could easily break it apart.  I probably would not be able to eat all of this, as I felt this was just super rich for what it was.


Zeitaku Barachirashu.  This is basically a bento box with a myriad of assorted stuff.  The top left was some type of pickled vegetable with salmon meat on top.  This was just ok for me.  The pickling wasn’t particularly strong.  The top middle was the same broiled salmon belly I had before for the appetizer.  This was actually rather bad.  It was soggy, and it was rather chewy.  The salmon meat itself was on the dry side.  The top right was spinach with sesame sauce.  The sesame sauce was all over the spinach.  It was sweet but not too sweet.  Bottom left was tempura.  The batter was decently crispy and fluff.  And lastly, bottom right was your chirashu of assorted sashimi.  You have basically egg, spicy tuna, raw shrimp, yellowtail, eel, toro, uni, salmon, and salmon eggs.  The best part of this was the spicy tuna, salmon eggs, and uni.  Their version of the spicy tuna would work great for a spicy tuna bowl.  In fact when I go back for the noodles,  I will probably order that.  The uni was very sweet and creamy.  The salmon eggs were good too.  The other assorted sashimi I didn’t care much for.  The eel was very fatty, but I just didn’t care for it.  The raw sweet shrimp was decent.  When I tore off the head, some of the guts got onto the body.  So it tasted like I was drinking sea water (meaning it was pretty fresh).  The toro itself was rather overrated.  I’m not sure if it was the cut or just the overall quality, but it wasn’t as great as other places.

All in all, I was indifferent for their dinner.  I am going to try again for lunch for their ramen, but other than that, there wasn’t anything particularly memorable that I haven’t had before.  Contrary to what the other reviewers have been saying, they DO accept credit cards for dinner only.  According to the waitress, that will change to cash only once they start serving ramen for dinner next month.

Visit: Tsujita, Sawtelle, LA
#20 of 52 2014 LA food expedition