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Eating at Chicken & Rice LA
05/17/2014 by
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This was going to be one of those weeks where it’s time to go street food.  If you have ever been to New York, they have halal carts that people love to eat at after a night at the bars.  This is LA’s tribute to that.

This is #19 of 52 of my LA food expedition.

There won’t be a read more button here since this is pretty self explanatory.  Compared to my NYC tasting, this was pretty subpar.  It literally was just chicken and rice.  The red-colored rice was a little wet for me (not because of the sauce).  The garlic and red (hot) sauce were similar to NYC cats.  The chicken was pretty moist and tender which was it’s one saving grace.  There was no lettuce or anything else.

I am assuming because this is a relatively new place, it didn’t have the entire operation going.  The food was pre cooked just sitting in a food court style serving pan.  We went to the standalone location off Figueroa near Dodger Stadium.  It makes me wonder if it’s even worth setting up a brick & mortar location.  Perhaps this type of food should be best served standing up on the streets out of the cart.

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#19 of 52 LA food expedition