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Eating at Elite Restaurant Dim Sum LA
02/16/2014 (rev. 02/21/2014) by
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Dim sum is the Cantonese Chinese breakfast staple on weekends in LA.  Lots of people flock here to wait in long lines for delicious goodness.  I’ve had many dim sum places throughout my life, so the question is this one any better than the other ones I’ve been to.  Let’s find out.

This is restaurant #6 on my 2014 LA food expedition.


Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of everything we ate since it was very communal.  The food came out sporadically, and we were all hungry and eager to chow down.

Off the top of my head we (apparently) ordered:
Chicken feet : decent, but not great.  Sauce was good though.
Bean curd wrapped meat : surprisingly good, but I’ve had better.
Egg rolls : they are what they say they are.  Nothing special.
Shui mai : each are pretty large with a full sized shrimp.  The shrimp is actually pretty good.
Fried taro balls : it’s a mixture of sweet and salty.  I was not crazy about this.
Fried shrimp balls : shrimp was tasty, but I wasn’t crazy about the batter.
Fried durian balls : surprisingly good.  Has that durian gassy kick, but it’s definitely more pineapple sweet if anything.
Rice noodle with corn and BBQ pork : very bland with no taste.  I’ve had better elsewhere.
BBQ pork steamed buns : decent, and again not great.  There are over a dozen places that have better BBQ pork steamed buns.


Now you might ask why did you order egg rolls? You can get those anywhere! I looked at the sheet that you are suppose to check off what you want, and I did not see any type of egg roll checked.  Of course the servers gave me attitude about it, so I just disregarded it.  We originally ordered egg custards, and those never came out to us.

Either way, this restaurant was very average at best.  I’m honestly not sure why there was such a huge line for this.  Like most people say there are no carts here, and things are served “fresh” to order.  You check off a list what you want, and it’s served sans cart.  For fresh tasting dim sum, I can name other places that have reheated better tasting dim sum.

Despite all my criticism, the only saving grace for this dim sum spot is the shrimp they use for their construction.  I fortunately won’t be coming back here again any time soon.

Visit: Elite Restaurant, Monterey Park, LA
#6 of 52 2014 LA food expedition