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Eating at Ramen Hayatemaru LA #2
04/08/2013 by
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I was out shopping at the market, and across the street I see this ramen place.  I thought to give it a try, but then after I saw the menu, I thought to myself, “Hey they have a Torrance location too!” I looked up my blog, and I realized I have been to this establishment in Torrance.

I realized my review for the Torrance location was rather abysmal, but I think this one will be a little bit better.  Let’s make this quick.

I only ordered 2 half bowls, so I can try different flavors.  The first is the white miso ramen.  This consists of noodles, sprouts, green onions, pork, miso, boiled bamboo shoots, dried seaweed, and a lot of garlic.  It actually wasn’t bad.  It was flavorful, and the noodles are how I like it (thick, but not too thick).  The waiter gave me some spice to put into the broth, but I opted to just eat it without the spice.  The broth wasn’t that salty, but it was definitely garlicky.


The second bowl I ordered is the spicy miso.  This is similar to the white miso except no bamboo shoots and yes red pepper.  It actually wasn’t that spicy but this definitely had less garlicky flavors and more kick to the nose since it has more spice.

Comparatively, I think if you prefer flavor in terms of garlic and broth, then the white miso would fit the bill.  If however you like more kick, then it’s pretty obvious the spicy miso will suit better.  I still think this restaurant is just OK.  It’s not my favorite, nor would I make a special trip to come back.  I do think this location was slightly less salty than the Torrance location.  Also for some reason, this location takes cash only whereas the Torrance one takes credit cards.  It’s also located in a strip mall diagonally from Ralphs market on the corner of Barrington and Olympic.

Visit: 11678 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90501

My current choices for LA ramen in no particular order:
– Ramen Yamadaya (Torrance location)
– Robata JINYA (Los Angeles, W 3rd Street)

Other LA ramen places I’ve been to:
– Ajisen Ramen (Century City)
– Asa Ramen (Torrance)
– Daikokuya (Little Tokyo)
– Eboshi Noodle Bar (Lomita/Torrance)
– Happy Cup Ramen Truck (food truck)
– Mama Ramen (Torrance)
– Men Bei (Torrance)
– Orochon Ramen (Little Tokyo) **
– Ramen Hayatemaru (Torrance) (West LA)*
– Ramen Jinya (Mid-Wilshire)
– Ramen Yamadaya (Culver City)
– Santouka (Mitsuwa in West LA, Torrance, Orange County)
– Shinsengumi (Gardena)

* recently reviewed
** recently added