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Eating at Halal Cart NYC
12/06/2012 by
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This is the infamous Halal cart that everyone who visits NYC keeps talking about.  Using http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2012/10/best-halal-cart-53rd-street-6th-avenue-street-food.html as a guide to these halal carts, I encountered this one for lunch which is supposedly legit.  The cooks had the log on the back of their shirts, and they have the “We are Different” slogan.  Also for what it’s worth, there was no line because there were not many drunk people around at noon time.  Purists might say I went to the wrong one because its not the one at night, but I’m skeptical on wait time and if it’s really worth it for barely marginal tasting halal food.

And this is what it looks like.  The same as all the other pictures you’ve probably seen on the internet.  The white sauce was pretty good just like what people say.  The rice was also decent although a bit firm for my preference.  I got a mix of chicken and gyro meats.  The chicken was surprisingly moist and tasty.  The gyro meat was chopped off a bit too fine for me, but it was also pretty good.  The red sauce was pretty hot for how little I had on it.  Definitely take it easy on the red sauce.  This literally was like sodium overload for me because I was pretty thirsty afterwards.

I initially felt people were overrating it because literally all the reviews say that this tasted best when they were drunk.  I tried it when I was sober, and it’s still pretty good but hefty especially for lunch.  The next time someone says that you HAVE to come to this cart, ask if they were drunk.

Visit: http://53rdand6th.com/