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Eating at Ippudo NYC
12/04/2012 by
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On Yelp, this ramen place Ippudo got a crazy number of reviews.  Since I’m in New York for a short week, I decided to check this out during lunch to avoid the lines for dinner.  I ordered the “Akamaru Modern” ramen which has pork flavored broth, their own miso paste, pork chashu, cabbage, scallions, and garlic oil.  I told them to not put sesame kikurage mushrooms because I am not a fan of non-psychadelic mushrooms.  In addition, I made this into a set combo for 3 extra dollars, so it came with a small salad and fried chicken on top of cabbage and rice.

The salad had a ponzu type vinaigrette that you typically find in most Japanese places.  There’s some citrus and wasabi flavors in it.  The rice had some cabbage on top that was doused with some type of mayo mix.  On top of that is the fried chicken which is similar to “chicken karage”.  The chicken breading was ok.  It was breaded very thin, so it definitely lacked the crisp associated with fried chicken.

The ramen noodles are very similar to Shinsengumi in Gardena.  If you have read my preferences for ramen, you would know I’m only a fan of thick noodles, so I wasn’t that thrilled with these noodles.  Other than that, the broth itself was flavorful, but definitely not as rich as some of the other places in Los Angeles.  Like most ramen places, this one has quite a bit of sodium in the broth, but luckily this place was very quick on refilling your cups with water.

All in all, I’m not sure what NYC’s ramen scene is like, but this one is mostly a glorified Shinsengumi to me.

Visit: http://www.ippudony.com