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Building Itunes PC NAS Ecosystem
09/15/2012 (rev. 10/19/2012) by
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If you’re a PC user and you’ve used iTunes, you probably know how much it sucks donkey balls when it comes to working with a medium size+ library that’s located on a NAS.  Itunes in general was poorly designed for PC desktops to begin with, but it also is a terrible performer when it comes to operating with its libraries located on a network attached storage.  When I open the iTunes application, it takes a while for it to actually load my library.  I also have iTunes match, so I have to cross my fingers and hope it will update my iTunes matches without crashing (which it never does well).

Here is my solution to transition everything to my NAS but still have a responsive user interface for my media.

I need to have iTunes to deploy my media onto my iPhone.  I don’t want to mess with too many 3rd party applications in case if Apple does something in the future that prevents them from working.

1.  Obviously I need to back up my current iTunes library.  Copy and paste.

2.  I am going to create 2 iTunes libraries.  One will be the “offline” library, and the other will be the “iTunes match” library.

The offline library will contain all of my media.  Eventually all media (AAC 256 kbps) will be placed here.  I will never log into the Apple store when using this library nor use iTunes match, so I can avoid it crashing and stalling.

The iTunes match library will contain all media that is to be moved into the offline library.  This media is basically any new music that has yet been matched and downloaded as a AAC from iTunes match.  I will log into the Apple store and purchased/matched media will be downloaded here.  When a media is matched on iTunes, I will download it and move it to the offline library.  I may also wipe music that has been downloaded from the cloud so that I keep it as light as possible.  Apple services in general doesn’t appear to scale well.

3.  If the iTunes application is too slow with this new change for reading my offline library, I may consider using Songbird 2.0 to read and view the offline library.  Apple software generally is acceptable on the MacOS, but it’s abysmal on Windows.

Conclusion: I am crossing my fingers that this works for me later tonight.  The iTunes match service conceptually is great, but that coupled with the iTunes Windows application is simply one of the worst media applications out there.