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You Should Watch Suits
08/29/2012 by
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This simply put is one of my favorite TV shows right now.  If you don’t know already, it’s a one hour long show (~45 min without commercials) on USA.   I’d probably classify this show mainly comedy drama.  It’s filled with light humor in it but also with tons of wit and predictable yet fun plot lines.  It’s currently in its second season.  The first season consists of only 12 episodes.  The second season is supposedly slated for 22 some episodes, which only 10 have aired so far.  The show just completed its summer finale and will resume the rest of the second season in January 2013. Right now would be a great time for you to try and catch up as you have till then to watch a mere 22 episodes.

Let me put it in perspective and hopefully try to convince you why you should watch this show.

The beginning premise of the show begins where the recruiter Harvey Specter hires a college dropout Mike Ross, who is extremely smart yet doesn’t have the proper Harvard credentials.  Sure, it sounds a bit outlandish and absurd, but that’s what makes this show fun.  Mike Ross is one of those guys that doesn’t forget anything that he reads and understands.  So it’s interesting to see how a guy who is incredibly intelligent yet lack experience do in the law workplace.  The first season explains much of both characters’ history as well as their interactions with other coworkers in the law firm as well as with their clients.

One of the standout characters is the main protagonist Harvey Specter.  If you like Ari Gold from Entourage sans the swearing and wild verbal antics, you will love Harvey.  In the show, Harvey is always right and is always playing the chess move one up on his opponent.  He’s generally emotionless, but his eyes says a lot about what he feels especially in his interactions with his receptionist Donna.  The chemistry these 2 characters have in this show is absolutely adorable.  They are both witty and incredibly snappy when they talk to each other, in a way like a married couple.  Also it’s fun to see Mike Ross’ interaction with Lewis, who is another main character that is set to make the law firm’s associates’ lives a living hell.

I have ADD, and I’ve found the plot to be engaging and moving at a reasonable pace where you’re not completely lost and can understand the general ideas for each law case.  In addition, the way they solve the cases is pretty fun and smart with some interesting twists in them.  They are constantly outwitting each other back and forth much like a chess game.  The characters are all very likeable, and you really feel for each of the characters as they go through emotions in and out of the work place.  Character development moves at a steady pace, and each episode’s plot never feels rushed for me.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a one hour long show that I’ve been engaged and entertained.  Give this a try if you are running out of shows.  It just might be up there as one of your favorites.