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WTB: Nike Lunar TR1+
06/17/2012 (rev. 06/18/2012) by
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Lately, I’ve been trying to cycle on weekends to start burning those winter calories I built up from hibernating.  And now I notice this layer of fat is not going away.  Being how I don’t own a pair of running shoes because they were stolen with my car a few months ago, I’ve been shopping around for some new training shoes.  I came across Nike’s Lunar TR1+ which seems pretty interesting to me.

It utilizes the Nike+ technology where it tracks your movements, so hypothetically it should be able to figure out how hard you are working out and where your feet are applying pressure to each shoe.  In addition, they are releasing an iPhone app that syncs up to your shoe and creates a training regiment for you similar to the current Nike iPhone app.  Every time you work out to their training app, it analyzes your performance.  You can choose to post your stats online and compare with your friends.

It retails a hefty $250 and is expecting to be released June 29th.  It might entice me enough to actually go outside and run after work.

Visit: http://www.nike.com/plus/products/training