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Eating at Katz’s Deli NYC
04/28/2012 (rev. 08/11/2012) by
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Here in Los Angeles, we have a ton of pastrami places.  My favorite meat is in fact pastrami.  Not only do I enjoy the saltiness flavor in the cured meat, but I also enjoy how tender the meat is.  I’ve been to Johnny’s in Culver City, Canter’s Deli near West Hollywood, Jerry’s Famous Deli, Langer’s in Los Angeles, etc.  Compared to all those places, I prefer Kat’z Deli.

Katz’s pastrami is VERY tender, and there’s very little chewy fat in it.  The strips of meat are thick too.  However, you almost don’t need to chew because the meat falls and melts in your mouth.  At some of the places I’ve mentioned above, the cuts are thick but it’s a chore to chew.  If it wasn’t chewy then the meat is thinly sliced with lots of fat.  Katz’s pastrami has hardly any of that.

We also ordered fries and had sauerkraut and pickles served.  The pickles were probably the most detested item as they were very sour (and I like sour!) and something about them didn’t taste right.   Anyhow we weren’t here for that anyways.

All in all, Katz’s pastrami is by far the BEST I’ve had so far in my life.  The pastrami is so tender and so tasty.  It’ll run you about $15 for this, so it’s definitely not cheap.  However for those days I crave pastrami, I yearn to find something as good as this here in Los Angeles.

Visit: http://katzsdelicatessen.com