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Megaupload Uh Oh
01/20/2012 by
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Since the SOPA and PIPA fiasco, the latest victim of this whole anti-piracy scheme of things has involved the popular site Megaupload.com.  The feds recently arrested the New Zealand owners accusing them of paying users to upload illegal intellectual property items to their site.  The website also charged other users a monthly fee to access these which of course was robbing Hollywood of their money.

Ok all that sounds like the whole Napster thing happening again in a way, but what was interesting about this was the hacker group Anonymous launched a full fledged DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on some major websites particularly of the Hollywood and MPAA types.  These include the Department of Justice, the FBI, Universal Music, RIAA, and MPAA sites.

It’s slowly becoming more interesting as the ongoing battles between piracy and the media industry continues.  The more I see the media industry irking the internet, the more you start to see more power unleashed from people who desire to fight the “man”.  I’m not for piracy, but some of these media companies have shown some scandalous activities such as paying politicians to leverage bills in their favor.  I feel like this is almost becoming an ongoing internet war.

Media companies need to realize that this is a temporary win for them.  Let history show an example.  When one resource dies, another pops up in another form.  From Napster to Audiogalaxy to Limewire to Kazaa to Bittorrent, there will always be something out there.  They need to learn to embrace technology and figure out what people want.  Piracy will always exist.  You won’t stop it.  But you can try to figure out what causes people to look at these alternate forms of resources.  I personally think people seek these outlets due to ease of use.  Of course it’s not as easy as that, but I’m sure you executives sitting up in the sky can make use of your paycheck and figure it out.

I’m not cheering for Anonymous, but I certainly understand from a certain perspective what they are about.