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SOPA is Garbage’s SOAP
12/31/2011 by
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SOPA, also known as “Stop Online Piracy Act“, was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives on October 26, 2011, by technically illiterate politicians.  The main goal was to allow copyright holders and the Department of Justice to seek court orders against infringers for copyrighted material.  Its goal is to protect intellectual property. Supporters for this include the RIAA (surprise!!!) and broadcast and TV companies such as NBC and ABC.

How this act aims to work is let’s say you have a Youtube video with some copyrighted material.  You are allowed a finite number of views before it’s deemed by agencies that you have infringed on copyrighted material.  When that happens, you could potentially be responsible for taking away thousands of dollars from the rightful owner and would be subjected to some major bills.  Major sites such as Youtube would also be responsible for hosting copyrighted material and may be taken offline.  This would also include Facebook (for letting people post copyrighted material), Google (for providing links to copyrighted material in the search results), Ebay (for providing sales to copyrighted material), and a slew of other tech companies that have some direct or indirect involvement.

So exactly what benefits does SOPA provide for America’s growth?

The answer is NOTHING.

We all know from the start that the music industry including the RIAA is a big supporter of suing the living ish out of your grandma that downloaded 4 copyrighted songs for big bucks to set an example.  What they fail to realize is most people wouldn’t know the many popular artists today had the music not been shared through public channels.  I would in fact argue that if it weren’t for piracy, our music today would be as dull as a puce colored sock.  Of course the RIAA and the music industry don’t care about that.  They just want their money now.  Besides, artists make a lot of money for album sales!!! (if you didn’t notice, that was sarcasm.  Artists make crap from album sales vs. performing at big venues).

I imagine TV and broadcast companies don’t want their material posted on sites such as Youtube.  After all, viewer ratings count the most by those Nielsen boxes that sit in the very select few households in the USA.  I guess it makes sense there.  They don’t want people to not pay for TV and watch it online.  However, some part of me thinks that this sample pool is such a minority.  They already own us cable TV subscribers with all the miscellaneous costs.  Again, this all boils down to getting more money than what they have already.

There is really nothing wrong with wanting money for what content you provide.  SOPA however is not the way to do it.

It would slaughter the internet allowing accusers to potentially shut entire sites down for copyright material.  We would not have the ability to search for material.  We can’t shop for things.  We can’t do anything because some politician(s) want to support media outlets for their dues.

America would take a step backwards in tech innovation.  Instead of innovating, we would all be worried about the law.  We would start developing technologies outside the USA and potentially screw up our economy big time.  I’m sure those politicians that support this bill thought of that.

GoDaddy, a major registrar and host provider, recently retracted their support for SOPA.  One of the main reasons for retraction was due to an increase amount of domain departures.  Apparently their incompetent CEO publicized his support for SOPA which angered many tech users and had them move away from GoDaddy.  Like Netflix, this publicized move has tarnished GoDaddy’s reputation.  Be careful who you piss off.

I guess to end my thoughts on this issue … I just don’t understand how technically incompetent politicians think of bills that make no sense for America’s growth.  After scouring the net on some profiles of these politicians, they mostly are not part of the tech generation.  Instead of embracing technology advancement, they stick to their old minded ways for themselves instead of the country as a whole.  It’s going to be interesting to see in the upcoming months what our beloved congress rules on this.  Obviously my personal vote makes no difference again in the grand scheme of things.